Parking Problems in East Utica

By Ana Rivera |

Published 08/06 2014 06:36PM

Updated 08/06 2014 06:37PM

If you live in the city of Utica, parking in your neighborhood may soon become a lot more difficult.   It's already a struggle to find parking on some of the crowded and narrow streets in Utica.   But new legislation could be eliminating even more spots.

New legislation passed by the Common Council in July is cutting down on the number of parking spots at a busy intersection in east Utica.

The intersection of Mohawk and Mary Streets has new “no parking” signs 30 feet further away from the intersection.  And police say it's all due to safety concerns.

“There are a couple buildings that are up really close to the intersection and what it was doing was blocking the point of views from motor vehicles from different angles,” says Chief Mark Williams, Utica Police Department.

But not everyone is convinced.  Some that live near the intersection say the parking in the intersection will not be affective.

“As far as safety, I don't know, I’ve seen one accident here and i thought it was just carelessness on the driver's part,” says David Chapple, of Utica.

Chapple lives on Mary Street.  He says there are better solutions.

“If they had more parking like in these empty lots or empty houses it might be where people can park or something,” he says.

And some businesses agree.  Meldino's Bar and Grill only has five designated spots next to their building.

“Before we used to park on both sides and then they only gave us the odd and even days.   The customers don't have nowhere to park.  They complain some people don't have nowhere to park and they have to walk all the way over here,” says Meldina Omic, Meldino’s Bar and Grill.

People that live and work near the intersection also say they've had to pay hundreds of dollars in parking ticket fines because there are not enough parking options.

“No Parking' signs are the latest additions on Mohawk and Mary Streets intersection.  But if a new initiative passes for Smith Place, they could be popping up there as well.

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