Palcohol Concerns

By Kody Fisher

Published 05/06 2014 06:38PM

Updated 05/06 2014 06:39PM

Powdered alcohol is currently in the process of getting label approval from the tax and trade bureau.

Some think it could be a cool new way to drink.  Others think it’s dangerous.

The makers of Palcohol say it’s easy to make.  All you have to do is add water.  They say it can be added to food and has many positives that come with it.

Not everyone thinks it’s so great.

“There’s a big part of me that’s opposed to the idea because I think it will offer people another way to abuse with methods such as snorting," said Seneca Wine and Liquor manager Jason Roberts.

New York State Senator Charles Schumer thinks it’s a bad idea as well saying in a statement, "With powdered alcohol on its way to store shelves by this fall, we're sitting on a powder keg. Clearly our food and drug safety experts must step in before this mind-boggling product, surely to become the Kool-Aid of teen binge drinking, sees the light of day."

Some consumers don’t see it as such a negative.

"I think it will be, I think it'll be pretty good.  You know something to try out," said Yancy Porkins.

"On food and all that stuff it and everything it sounds a little weird, but sometimes weird is good," said Joe Dye.

They do see some concerns with it though, like the potential for abuse.

"If you release something like that people are going to do that.  That’s the negative effects of it," said Dye.

"Kids, they might not know what it is. They might think its candy," said Porkins.

The makers of Palcohol discredit some of the negatives, like snorting, saying that it doesn’t make sense to have to painfully snort the powder for sixty minutes to get the same effect as one dissolved liquid shot of it.

Palcohol would only be sold to people twenty one and older, just like regular alcohol is now.

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