Oh, Deer! Local Restaurant Gets a Big Surprise

By Kody Fisher

Published 06/06 2014 06:55PM

Updated 06/07 2014 09:05AM

Around two a.m. Wednesday the owner of Ancora got a call from the security company that monitors his restaurant. That’s when things got strange.

Early Wednesday morning the Ancora restaurant in downtown Utica had a hungry customer, a deer.

The owner says he's befuddled by the situation.

"’Why’ was the one question that came to mind. Not so sure about what so attractive about this glass door here, but apparently he had reason to be here," said Dave Loconti.

In the video it appears the dear had a running start before flying through the door.

"When I drove down here I got to see the mess and knew I had a long night ahead of me," said Loconti.

He says the mess was big.  The deer was wounded by flying through the glass door.

“We then called in a professional cleaning crew to make sure nothing had been over looked. You know, you can never be too safe with that kind of stuff," Said Loconti.

This isn’t the only time a deer has visited the restaurant.

"I had people dining on our outdoor patio and I was actually waiting on a table and watched one run right across the street directly into the same door," said Loconti.

He said friends and family are now cracking jokes about venison being on the menu, he said just adds to the craziness of the whole situation.

"I don’t have the slightest idea where he would come from,” said Loconti,” I don’t know of any wooded areas downtown that he would need to be in the area but just very bizarre."

After flying through the window and walking around a bit the deer left the restaurant and, sadly, died a couple blocks away.

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