New York State's Possible $700 Million Dollar Tax Deficit

New York State is one of the highest taxed states in the U.S-- yet it is currently looking at a possible $700 Million Dollar tax deficit. Both Assemblyman Brindisi and Senator Griffo agree that the state needs to control its spending. When the new, New York State budget is created in January, Assemblyman Brindisi says it will be important to keep the tax payers in mind so that the deficit does not fall on them.

" I think as the economy rebounds, and hopefully we get more people back to work and tax revenues go up, more revenue will come into the state," Brindisi says. "However at this time, it looks like revenues will be short as to where they should be... we need to keep spending under control. We can't be spending tax revenue willy-nilly. we need to make sure that we are tightening our belts and providing services that are affordable for New York State tax payers"

"We have to look at every aspect of all the governor's programs, as well as staying within the spending cap--- which we have urged the republican congress for a long time, that we can live within that, just like we have a local tax cap. I think there is a lot of things we can do," said Senator Joe Griffo.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says he would like to further reduce both the income tax and sales tax for working class families and businesses. 



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