New Technology for UPD

UTICA,NY (WUTR)-- The Utica Police Department has received over $100,000 from New York State for advanced police technology that will make their jobs a little easier.

"Law enforcement has changed more and more on having and updating your technology," explained Utica Police Chief Mark Williams. "Criminals are using it,and law enforcement needs it to counter act that."

With the recent police shootings in New York State, Senator Joseph Griffo believes that it is more important now,  than ever to stand behind our law enforcement officials.

"This is an opportunity to not just voice our support for law enforcement, but to direct our resources to help our law enforcement do their job to protect and serve our community," said Senator Joseph Griffo.

In order to help the Utica Police Department, Senator Griffo was able to secure over $100,000 of state money for new police equipment. 

"$55,000 towards communication equipment for the mobile command unit. $50,000 for these license plate readers that will help them with vehicle and traffic law issues," explained Senator Griffo. 

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said the new license plate readers are a great tool for officers out on patrol.

"The readers are very important. Not for just vehicle and traffic, but to come in handy now for criminal investigations," said Chief Williams. "Because criminals are leaving their vehicles and now its becoming a critical tool for solving and detecting crime."

As of now, 5 out of 8 police cars have the new license plate readers.

"It scans plates in both directions. [The information] actually goes back to our Mohawk Valley Crime Analysis Center which is being analyzed by crime analysts, " said Chief Williams.

The money will also go towards purchasing new communications equipment such as laptops and radios for the Mobile Command Unit. Chief Williams appreciates the state funding his department was able to receive.

" You can only ask your tax payers here locally for so much," stated Chief Williams. "You have to look for other sources. The Senator has been outstanding in helping us update the department and making sure we are at the forefront of a lot of police agencies."

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