New 911 Technolgoy

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/22 2014 06:12PM

Updated 07/22 2014 06:14PM

Calling 911 when something bad happens is second nature for a lot of us.  Soon, people in Oneida County will be able to get help from 911 with a simple text message.


People get help from 911 by calling.  Soon, it could be even easier.  All you'll have to do is sent a quick text.


“Ideally the people that would use this are people like the hearing impaired,” said the deputy director of emergency services for Oneida County Gerald Pedersen,” deaf people that using texting a lot now to communicate."


It will be as easy as sending a quick text to 911 and the new system will send you automated text messages to ask you questions about what’s wrong and where you are, so that people at the 911 call center can dispatch ems services to your location.


“We absolutely have to have the location and what’s going on, so that we can try to determine the response from there," said Pedersen.


People in Oneida County are already thinking about the possible positive impacts of the new technology.


"I think that’s a good idea, because if someone has a partial stroke but can still use their fingers or has no one else around with them,” said Gail Waxler,” if they can text as least they can get through to somebody to get help. "


“Texting might help to save lives, or if you see somebody trying to intrude in a house and you dont want to yell, you want to keep your eye on the person and just keep texting as much information as you can to the patrolman, the troopers, they need somebody extra pair of eyes around, because they cant to the whole job by themselves," said Donna Diorio.


The 911 call center said technology will continue to grow to where we will be able to send pictures and videos to the call center as well.


They also said that while the new technology is great they still prefer people to call if they can.


They don’t have a specific date right now, but they said it will be sometime in early august.

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