NCAA Bracket Busters

By Kody Fisher

Published 03/27 2014 11:36PM

Updated 03/27 2014 11:37PM

There are very few people on Varick Street Thursday night who have a good bracket left, there are a few exceptions.

"This year I'm doing pretty good.  I usually pick them based on places I'd like to live or people that I know that live in different spots," said basketball fan Keshia Clukey.

She is definitely the minority here in Central New York.

"I have two.  I'm currently in last and second to last, but I do this every year.  It’s fun, but not when I lose,” said Deanna Beckman.

"The bracket is nonexistent at this point, basically," said Max Cohen.

"I wasn’t that bad for the first two rounds, but it all went to hell; actually, at the end of the second round,” said Jeff Albright.

Once Syracuse lost most of the fans said that that’s when their brackets went downhill.

For some, the loss is also leading to less interest in who wins the tournament now.

"I think it’s kinda bogus to see a team come out so strong from the area. We obviously love Syracuse and now that they're out of it. Pretty much lost all interest," said Tyler Mann.

“Really, at this point it does matter. I'm just really excited about the Louisville, Kentucky game. I think that going to be a real big one," said Albright.

"When it all started I would carry around my bracket in my pocket.  Pull it out; see how the teams were doing.  SU lost and I pretty much stopped carrying around my bracket in my pocket.  So, I guess that shows you what kind of fan I am," said Ned Campbell.

The sweet sixteen starts tonight with another full weekend of college hoops drama on the horizon.

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