National Guard Training Exercise

By Kody Fisher

Published 04/29 2014 10:56PM

Updated 04/29 2014 11:12PM

The training exercise is going on all week across Central New York.  Today, inside the tactical operations center they're working on communications, which is important for the training the rest of the week.

The tactical operations center is like a bee hive of activity when it’s up and running.

"This is a nerve center that keeps the military side connected to the civilian side," said National Guard Battle Captain Tim Pasto.

It’s a critical part of the disaster training exercise going on all week.

"We provide all the command and control over all our forces in the training event," said Brigade Commander Coronal Joe Biehler.

In typical military fashion the tent can be put up in only a matter of hours, but it takes a little longer for it to run at full capacity.

"At least a day to get this really up and running and then probably within two days to really have it smooth out and all the kinks worked out," said Captain Pasto.

One of the most important parts of this training exercise is communication and that’s where this radio comes into play a radio transmit officer puts on this headset and that’s how they can communicate with the other units.

"That technological back bone allows us to have instantaneous comms with far reaching units from kilometers away," said Captain Pasto.

He said the National Guard supplies expertise to a home land defense mission, like they're training for.

"This is incredibly vital, because outside of doing what our real jobs are this is the only opportunity that we have to work as a staff. To really train on what our key proficiencies are," said Captain Pasto.

Tomorrow is a big day for the training exercise as more than seven hundred men and women will have a field exercise in Oriskany.  Eyewitness news with be there.

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