National Coffee with a Cop Day

NEW HARTFORD, NY (WUTR)-- It's National Coffee with a Cop Day! The Oneida County Sheriff's Department is taking part by meeting local residents at Raspberry's Cafe in Utica and New Hartford.

"We've been doing coffee with the Sheriff's office for several months now. One day a month, we will pick and go around to a couple different restaurants," Sheriff Rob Maciol explained. "Today's a little bit different because this is an event that is taking place across the country."

It's an opportunity for the Oneida County Sheriff's Department to provide answers to questions and concerns area residents have.

"Today, the topic at our first event this morning was kinda focusing on the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas," Sheriff Maciol stated.

Locals wanted to know if that situation could have been prevented.

"You can't prevent everything from happening. We explain to them that we train for as many scenarios as we can possibly think of," said Sheriff Maciol.

Sheriff Maciol added that before big events are held in our area, the Sheriff's Department makes sure security plans are put in place.

"We want people to enjoy the good times that they can have out in our community. We don't want people to be afraid  that something is going to happen everywhere they go, because the minute that happens; the minute we stop doing things we enjoy, the bad guys have won," Sheriff Maciol stated.


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