Nano Days at MVCC

By Mary Wilson |

Published 03/28 2014 06:23PM

Updated 03/28 2014 06:30PM

Lately school budget woes raising the question: Can we educate the future workforce of Nano Utica? An event at MVCC today looking to inspire elementary teachers and students about science and technology. Students learned the basics about nano-technology. That it's the study of very small things and being able to control atoms and molecules to achieve a variety of outcomes.
"Negatives and positives and electricity how..," explained Caleb Decker, a fourth grader.
They're all things he and his classmates learned today at MVCC.
"Nano-technology is on everyone's mind and we really want to relay the message to younger kids so they are excited," said MVCC STEM Dean Seyed Ahavi.
Nano Days is a nation-wide celebration of the science that's too small to see. This is the first year its come to Utica. Caleb's mother can see why.
"With the nanotechnology center moving into Marcy, this is where the kids need to be," said Lisa Decker.
Through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, students gaining a new appreciation for science and technology.
Student even learning about the Bunny Suit, which must be worn in clean rooms to keep particles out of the nanotechnology,
"What we are seeing in the future is a shift from dark dirty and old factories to a new kind of clean rooms," said Seyed Akhavi.
Educators here planning to focus more on these concepts back in the classroom.
"It's great to see hands-on demonstrations, it makes science come alive," said even students--taking a new interest. And experts seeing the bigger picture.
"The jobs are being brought to the area that are closely related to high tech manufacturing," said Akhavi.
Around one-hundred-and-fifty students took part today. Nano Days is also open to the pubic tomorrow morning from 9 to 1.

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