MVHS moves forward with downtown hosptial plans

Releases statement regarding property acquisition

UTICA, N.Y. -- The Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) released a statement today about the acquisition of properties that the downtown Utica hospital could soon call home.

This comes following a presentation given by MVHS at last night's Common Council meeting, where many voiced their concern specifically about what will happen to the business owners once this acquisition takes place. But according to their own plans, MVHS said that step won't happen before other factors do.

"Officials from the Mohawk Valley Health System have engaged the law firm Bond, Schoeneck and King to begin the acquisition process for the properties in the footprint of the new downtown hospital," the statement reads. "Starting this week, property owners whose appraisals by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) will receive option agreements for their properties from BSK."

"Of 38 properties that we do have an appraisal, this week the property owners will receive an offer letter and a letter of intent from Mohawk Valley Health System for the purchase of their property," said Bob Schofield, Executive VP of MVHS.

This week business owners should also expect to know what the next step for their property is.

"Now they'll have their appraisal - their offers I should say - and then we will also be reaching out to them shortly there after finalizing timelines for the individual properties," Schofield said.

At last night's Common Council Meeting, business owners and council members discussed what would happen to businesses once these acquisitions took place.

"To put a high priority on trying to save the businesses that are going to be displaced, to keep them not only in Utica, but to help them whenever they need and desire to go," said Councilman Ed Bucciero.

Wilcor co-owner Karen Corrigan-Rider also said she thinks it would be beneficial if MVHS helped businesses with relocation.

"I'm not expecting someone to give me the Taj Mahal as a replacement for my building, but I am expecting complete replacement costs," she said. "I should not have to invest in a new building to replace what I have owned for 30 years."

But at this point she doesn't foresee her business staying in the city.

"They're throwing out the business and the tax, and there's a very strong possibility that we are not going to relocate in the City of Utica," Corrigan-Rider said. "We've had our showroom there for 30 years, we've invested our time, money in there. Why would we want to do this again?"

According to the statement from MVHS, final offer for these properties will not be able to happen until their Certificate of Need has been approved by the New York State Department of Health.

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