Music Muted in Rome

By Ana Rivera |

Published 07/30 2014 11:14PM

Updated 07/30 2014 11:19PM

It's a summer tradition that's been around for nearly four decades, But for the first time on Wednesday night the drum corps were silenced.

We're talking about Drums Along the Mohawk, a competition and performance that draws in drum corps from all across the country.

Wednesday night thunder, lightning, and rain left the musicians stuck on their buses and audience running for shelter from the storm.

Earlier on Wednesday, drum corps took the field to practice for Drums Along the Mohawk.

It's a tradition in Rome that's been around nearly four decades and it's one that drum corps from around the country look forward to.

“And Rome is one of the really cool places because it's a really historic show.  It's been around for a long time and people take care of us,” says Rod Kosterman, pit technician.

But instead of the sunny weather they had today when they were practicing, this is what they got.  So instead of going on with the show, they had to shut it down.

“Everybody is like sitting in the bleachers waiting and all of the sudden it starts down pouring so they're upset they have to go home,” says Amber Cole, of West Leyden.

"Well, we come here every year and it makes me sad and everything,” says Emily Dickinson, of Utica.

The drum corps will play in rain, but competition rules say that once there is lightning it's too dangerous to continue.

“It's a typical thing that we do hoping that the rain will pass by and it'll become safe again for the performers to perform and the show to go on,” says Mark Arnold, drum corp director.

But the weather did not let up and the show could not go on leaving the field musician-less and the bleachers fan-less until next year.

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