Meth Lab Investigation Leads to Bomb Scare in Sylvan Beach

By Julia Rose

Published 07/16 2014 06:24PM

Updated 07/16 2014 06:26PM

There was a major scare in the Village of Sylvan Beach Wednesday after police evacuated dozens of neighbors from their homes around 6:00 a.m.

It all began with the investigation of a possible meth lab. The search was interrupted when crews found what looked like a bomb, exiting the home and evacuating the entire block.

"During the search one of the members of the New York State Police discovered what appeared to be an improvised explosive device or a bomb, they evacuated not only the house but the area and they brought in the New York state Police Bomb Disposal Unit,” said Oneida County Undersheriff Robert Swenszkowski.

The bomb was deemed a hoax. Police and narcotic units then continued to search the house on 15th Avenue. Experts say in situations potentially involving methamphetamine it's all hands on deck.

"The Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Unit, that team is able to go inside with the special training that they have and the special suits to verify if there's anything that's inside the house that is very volatile, meth lab, every time you're making methamphetamine you run the risk of having a very volatile situation,” says Trooper Jack Keller of the New York State Police.

Which is why the Sylvan Beach Fire Department was also on the scene. Wednesday’s investigation marks the 9th meth lab bust in Oneida County since January 1, 2014.

"This area of the county, we've seen a lot of methamphetamine use and labs it just appears that the ingredients to make methamphetamine, they're readily available,” says Swenszkowski.

Displaced neighbors and community members say the incident was confusing and disturbing.

"Well, first we heard it was a bomb, then we heard it was a meth lab and I think we just found out it wasn't a bomb so back to a meth lab I guess so either way, kind of crazy, we cleared right out of here,” said Michael Boris and Michelle Lewis who were evacuated from their home.

"I think something more should be done, I mean, at least random checkups off and on,” said Joe Dobson who lives a few streets over.

Police were questioning two suspects, no word charges have yet been filed.

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