Marcy Lockdown Reactions

By Kody Fisher

Published 08/08 2014 06:41PM

Updated 08/08 2014 06:41PM

Make no mistake about it; there are some dangerous people at the Marcy correctional facility.  The majority of the prison is medium security, but there is one maximum security area.


This lockdown is causing some concern from people in the area about those inmates.


The Marcy correctional facility became home to violent criminals starting in the early eighties, but even back then there was some skepticism by people near the facility about it being built.


This lockdown is definitely adding to those initial concerns.


"Lot of people's reaction was 'not in my backyard' and my reaction was 'well, they have to build it somewhere.' and one assumes that security would be taken care of and we would be relatively safe," said Bill Kritzler of Marcy.


People living around the facility are safe. the prisoners are in lockdown right now, but with ninety weapons being confiscated by correction officers within 24 hours concern is on the rise in the area.


"I think that’s scary for not just for ourselves, but for your correction officers themselves, they can make a riot and take over the whole prison," said Wendy Novak.


That adds to major worries for Wendy and her daughter.


"Just to think if one person gets out and we live so close to it they'll probably go to the nearest house and maybe rob or just do what they did before they went in prison," said Julie Novak.


They said they worry about the amount of officers in the facility.


"If anything they should increase jobs for that one correction officer takes care of what, twenty inmates. That’s quite a few for one person to handle. I think they should increase those jobs. I think it’s important to have those jobs," said Wendy.


The consensus of people surrounding the facility is that this lockdown is a scary thing that they just hope the officers inside handling the situation are safe.


The number of weapons could raise more with the continuing search of two more cell blocks.

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