Local Writes Children's Book

UTICA,NY (WUTR)--- Local author publishes his first children's book, The Fearless Boy Inventor.

"My book is about over coming your fears," explained Jermiko Thomas.

The book was inspired by his own childhood.

"Growing up he had a severe challenge," said Gary Harvey, Thomas' Uncle. "He didn't talk for 6 years. He was misdiagnosed. The doctors thought he had mental challenges, but it turned out that what he was hearing was scrambled. They had to figure out a sound system that was compatible with his thinking and his hearing. They worked it out."

Thomas said this made him shy.

"I was just shy. I cared about everyone's reaction. I was just nervous about everyone, but I overcame it," stated Thomas.

He credits his family for their support in helping him become more confident. Now, he wants to help other children overcome their fears with the help of a fictional character named, Walter. 

"[Walter's] fear is thunder and lightening.... He is an inventor. He invented things to get rid of thunder and lightening," said Thomas.

Thomas hopes that this book will help children become more confident. But his uncle said this book means more than just overcoming fears.

"This was written and produced by an individual who was born and raised in Cornhill," said Harvey. "Something good came out of Cornhill. A lot of times we hear the negative stuff, but Jermiko is an inspiration. I want [Children in Cornhill] to know that if they have goals and dreams, they can accomplish the same things."

A second Fearless Boy Inventor book will focus on math and science and is expected to be released next summer.

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