Keeping Healthy: Shopping at Farmer's Market

Published 09/20 2013 02:51PM

Updated 09/20 2013 03:24PM

The summer season is winding down but don't mistake the crisp air for the end of all outdoor events. Several area farmers markets are still going strong- some even move indoors for the winter months. Health and Wellness Expert Pat Salzer reminds us that this is the ultimate way to go from farm to fork. “It's so nice to connect with that farmer, how often do we get to meet who's responsible for that food "

And that comes in handy when trying to figure out what to buy, and how to prepare it.

“There's a different way of thinking about it, usually with grocery shopping we're in a hurry; we hurry in, hurry out, we have a grocery list," says Salzer.

She says the markets are more about supporting local business, enjoying the atmosphere and the food. And don’t be afraid get creative with what's in season, keep an open mind, and buy something you wouldn’t normally try. And while we think the fresh produce is coming to an end along with the summer—not only do we have indoor markets to look forward to, but a change in what's available—which is the beauty of a farmers markets.

"The nice thing about this too is the food that's in season and what we're seeing today is some of the end of the summer produce and the beginning of the fall produce."

Here come the apples and pumpkins. The Clinton Farmers Market, like other area markets run through October. To get your farmers market fix when the snow is fall, be sure to visit Utica, Cazenovia, and Westmoreland, who all host markets during the winter.

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