Inside Eyewitness News: Boilermaker Live Coverage

By Mary Wilson |

Published 07/02 2014 06:48PM

Updated 07/02 2014 08:37PM

The big race just ten days away. While it's crunch time for runners and race organizers, here at Eyewitness News, we're busy making preparations for our live broadcast of the 37th Boilermaker.
Our special Boilermaker live coverage will kick off at 7 a.m. on the day of the race and last until 11 a.m. Within those four hours - you will see it all...with multiple camera angles and extensive Eyewitness News team coverage. And bringing you this coverage, takes a monumental amount of logistical planning. Today some of our team did just that with a walk-through of the 9-point-3 mile course.
Running or watching the Boilermaker first-hand is an unbelievable experience. But with Eyewitness New live coverage of the event - you will experience the Boilermaker from and nearly every imaginable angle. To put it all in place - our team began in where 15-thousand runners will begin the 15K.
"It's just an incredible sight because what you have is shoulder to shoulder from here all the way back on the side of the bridge," said Joe Kelly, WUTR-TV historian.
It's a road-race, but it's so much more.
"It's about the human spirit and people prevailing against what can be a very difficult and very challenging course and so we're trying to cover all the angles tell the real stories about the real people," said Don Dudley, news director.
From the start, we travel the course - taking a look at our camera set-ups and getting insight from our resident historian Joe Kelly, who has run the race 25 times.
The logistics includes a staff of more than 60 people and about a dozen cameras. One of the best views - the finish line of course.
"These are the best seats, as soon as the 5K runners start crossing until we go off-air, there are always runners coming through here," said Albert Bangs, executive producer.
Our final stop - the site of the post-race party where thousands of exhausted runners will be joined by their family and friends and get a chance to share their stories with Eyewitness News.

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