Ilion Ice Jam

Steele Creek Flooding

ILION, NY (WUTR)--- Crews in Ilion were forced to block off Otsego Street. The rain from Thursday night in combination with the recent warm temperatures caused flooding in the area.

"With the impending weather, we had two major ice masses that built up against the bridge here on Otsego Street," Fire Chief, Robert Paddock explained. " And with the cooperation of the county, the state, and all of our local agencies, we are able to get it cleaned up now."

The Steele Creek current was so strong, that ice chunks ended up spilling over into the streets. Some of the ice blocks were 18 to 20 inches thick.

"The ice has a potential to bust through and move houses off of their foundations," Jack Sterling of Ilion's DPW stated.

According to Ilion's fire chief, water had to be pumped out of some of the basements of near by homes. The Ilion Fire Department warned residents about the potential for even more flooding. 

"We also went up and down West Street and parts of Otsego Street to not evacuate, but to provide awareness that may have to evacuate at some point," said Chief Paddock.

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