Ian Gulbin Changes His Mind About Guilty Plea

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/28 2014 06:14PM

Updated 07/28 2014 06:17PM

Ian Gulbin is trying to withdraw his plea of guilty that he submitted in early June for killing his one year old son Brayden. This came as a shock to those in the court room Monday.


The family members of Brayden want closure but that will not come right away with this recent twist.


The grandmother of baby Brayden spoke Monday in court to ask one question of Gulbin, “why?”


“Eight and a half months I’ve been waiting to ask that question, why?  You destroyed our family you took the life of my thirteen month old grandson that was just learning to walk and talk.  An innocent baby, why," said Brayden’s Grandmother Maryann Huscup.

Monday Gulbin responded.


"I really didn’t mean for this to happen and I don’t know what happened that night.  It was like I was a different person," said Gulbin.

In early June Gulbin admitted to beating his son Brayden to death.  Monday he's facing a minimum of twenty two years to life in prison, but that’s not enough for the family of baby Brayden.


"The only closure we will have today is knowing you're going away for a very, very long time," said Huscup.


Gulbin surprised everyone by saying that the psychotic medication he was on during the original plea caused him to do something he didn’t want to do.

"I do not want to take this plea because it’s a lie,” said Gulbin,” I was told what to say.  Moreover i was told to say things I didn’t do, or could not remember."


The court remembers though.

"That’s why we make a record, that’s why there’s a court reporter,” said Assistant District Attorney Dawn Catera-Lupi,” that’s why it’s there, so that we have something that’s said in court that’s on the record that can go back and be reviewed. "

This twist didn’t do anything to help the family of baby Brayden.

“You’re nothin but a coward," said Huscup towards Gulbin as he walked out of the court room.

The judge is now calling for the transcript of Gulbin's plea deal so that he can make a decision on whether or not to grant Gulbin the right to withdraw his guilty plea.


Gulbin will be back in court on august 11th.


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