Herkimer Homes in Danger From West Canada Creek

By Kody Fisher

Published 08/22 2014 06:28PM

Updated 08/22 2014 06:28PM

People who live on East German Street in Herkimer are in the middle of a three year long struggle with the town of Herkimer to fix the road outside their homes properly.  A road, they say, could give way at any time and it could take their homes with it.


“It’s frustrating now because this is so serious and it’s different.  An ambulance can’t get in, a fire truck can’t get in, even the mail can’t get delivered," said Sally Durkee.


Sally said this problem started three years ago and got worse when hurricane sandy came through, causing the west Canada creek to rise.  That caused the wall facing the river to erode, and the road with it.


“This is just an unsafe situation all the way around and I’ve lived here twenty nine years and it hasn’t been this serious ever," said Sally.


While Sally and her neighbors have to deal with this problem every day, the town of Herkimer said a solution is on the way.


“It is the only thing we're concentrating on," said the town of Herkimer supervisor Dominic Frank.


The town said the plan is to have it properly fixed by the end of construction season this year.


“We’re hoping that outside funding comes through and not have to borrow and then pay back over time," said Frank.


The town has tried to fix it in the past, but none of it has worked, which just adds to people’s frustration.


“This is a three year situation,” said Sally,” I think my neighbor and I and everyone else along the road here have been pretty patient and pretty understanding and knows the town doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of money, but three years is a long time."


The people in that neighborhood say they're skeptical that the road will be fixed for good this year with how long it’s taken up to this point.

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