Herkimer Historical Society Finds Piece of History

Published 06/27 2014 06:42PM

Updated 06/27 2014 06:44PM

Herkimer historical society has found something right in their back yard during a test archaeological dig.

The historical society uncovered a well from the early eighteenth century.

While digging down into the well artifacts are continually being found.  The executive director of the historical society says they're going to preserve it as much as possible.

"We're not going to fill it back in, maybe part way and then build a fence around it and something over the top, so somebody won’t fall into it, but they'll be able to see what a well from the late seventeen, early eighteen hundreds looked like," said Susan Perkins, the executive director of the Herkimer Historical Society.

Some of things they're finding are old clay pots and medicine vials.  They say that’s to be expected because the land the well is on was owned by a doctor.

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