Herkimer County Fair: A Family Affair

By Ana Rivera | arivera@wutr.tv

Published 08/15 2014 12:04PM

Updated 08/15 2014 12:06PM

There's food...games...and of course rides.  And they all make it worth putting in a little extra work at home.

"We have to do chores to get here."

Since 1958, the Herkimer County Fair has been a summertime attraction.

“I'm from Chicago. I grew up in this area.  And we come to the fair every year.  We were in Paris yesterday.  They delayed our flight and we said, 'No, we have to hurry we have to get to the fair,’” says Mary Haddad, of Chicago.

Every year, the fair attracts about 70,000 people during the six days.  And for some that used to enjoy it as kids, they say coming back as grandparents is even better.

“Now that it's so big they have a lot more choices.  We only had a few things like the bumper cars and the big wheels.  It was mostly for adults.  After 20 years I finally came back to the Herkimer County Fair.  And we're having a ball aren't we?” says Joan Legg, of New Hartford.

And many families that attend the fair say it is glue that helps bind generational gaps together. 

“It's an awesome feeling again.  Because there's memories to be made.  It's not just here are the teenagers, here are the kids, and here are the parents.  We're all laughing and screaming as a family together,” says  Brittaney Malone, of Connecticut.

But whether you go for the rides, the food or the games....the Herkimer County Fair is a time for family fun of all ages.

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