HCCC Campus Safety

By Kody Fisher

Published 03/27 2014 08:37PM

Updated 03/27 2014 08:38PM

According to Herkimer police and Herkimer College students both stabbings happened in the same dorm building on campus.  That has some students concerned.

"I look out my door and there is police and everything. I saw one person in handcuffs. Yeah, I heard there was a stabbin with a pair of scissors," said Herkimer College student Mike Libby.

That’s the first stabbing, which happened February 26th

The second stabbing happened on the floor below.  Both have him on edge.

"It’s a little scary, but um. This stuff happens all over," said Libby.

While students in the Reservoir Run apartments on campus said it’s scary to have two stabbings to happen so close together where they live.  The Herkimer police chief doesn’t see it as a trend

"I don’t see any cause for concern there are two random separate incidences that can happen anytime, anywhere," said Herkimer Police Chief Joseph Malone.

Both stabbings have students thinking about ways Herkimer College can improve campus safety.  Starting with better education for how people should handle social situations.

"Right things to do and what are the consequences of their actions," said Herkimer College student Rachel Barlow.

"I feel like we should have a piece advocate or just someone that, like, if there’s a hostile argument and they feel like they could call someone to mediate. I feel like there should be representative on campus," said Herkimer College student Nicole Burns.

“Hire more campus safety officers,” said Libby.

While the students say they would like to see improvement to safety on campus, they also say that overall, they feel safe on campus.

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