Hall of Fame Weekend: Packed House For Induction

By Julia Rose

Published 07/28 2014 06:35PM

Updated 07/28 2014 06:36PM

The hall of fame induction wasn't about the team jersey or hat you sport. It was about witnessing history.


Thousands of baseball fans from across the country came out to show their love and support of America’s pass time.    


There's only one occasion where you'll see MLB rivalries unite, the baseball hall of fame induction weekend.  Baseball fanatics said it's one of the best weekends of the year.


"Coming on induction weekend it's like your baseball card collection comes to life and you get to interact with the hall of famers whether it's just saying hey to Ricky Henderson walking down the street this morning or waving to another one or whoever is walking by you, it's pretty cool," said Mike Masley of Pittsburgh.

“It's pretty cool to see all of the people you dreamt of becoming you know, I mean they're just so cool to see their plaques in the hall of fame, all that stuff," said Georgian John Bogart.

Baseball lovers come to support all of the inductees but everyone has one they're especially proud of.

"I like Joe Torre,” said Nick Fedler of Long Island,” I'm only sixteen so I grew up with the 90's team and Joe Torre is probably my favorite manager."

"It just gives me the chills talking about it yeah, it's wonderful to see somebody from our home town you know to be the gentleman he is, the player he is, to end up here," said Judith McCaffrey of Massachusetts.

"I was here when I was a kid in '94 with my father, unfortunately he's not with us anymore, so to come back and see the induction with my favorite player Frank Thomas is something special," said Dan Tazbier of Chicago.

And for some of these baseball fans there's no way they were watching their favorites get inducted from anywhere but front row.

"We got here Friday morning around 10 am and staked our ground," said Masley.


"We came Friday morning and there weren't too many seats here and this is where we landed," said McCaffrey.


The six new inductees stuck around in Cooperstown until today.  They attended a round-table discussion to reflect on the weekend.


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