Going Forward, How Do We Stop the Flooding?

With the village experiencing flooding, state officials are doing what they can to mitigate the situation. First responders and government officials have been working hard all day. But there's a long term change they hope to make in the future. 

"We see a day actually in the near future where the prevalence of flood coming through this community will be reduced," said Basil Seggos, DEC Commissioner.

This after the village of Whitesboro was hit by flooding today. Seggos points to one of the major problem areas.

"The csx tracks are a significant pitch point when it comes to flooding," Seggos said.

According to Anthony Picente, the Oneida County Executive, it's been this way for a while and today is just another demonstration of mother nature taking its toll. 

"You had large ice chunks that were getting, that backed up everything and it hit that bridge and stopped. And then everything of course flows back into the neighborhood," Picente said. 

But Picente said they were able to alleviate the impact sooner than expected. One evacuation took place and nearly a dozen homes were affected.

"Luckily the number of residents were not impacted as they were just six months ago," Picente said. 

Still, the State Commissioners and Picente said, it's yet another sign that CSX needs to take a seat at the table. Under federal railroad laws, CSX does own the bridge and is responsible for maintaining it. Now, our government officials are ready to work with them. 

"We need a new approach to these problems and we need CSX, just like any other party, to think differently about the way they maintain their infrastructure," Seggos said.

Officials are warning the public to take extra care with tonight's upcoming weather.

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