Getting Social with Sylvan Beach

By Ana Rivera |

Published 06/23 2014 10:29PM

Updated 06/23 2014 10:33PM

It helps make sylvan beach a vacation destination.  But it has yet to open its doors to visitors - after its owner delaying the opening day twice.   Now by the time it's set to open, it will be nearly half-way through the summer season.

“My first roller coaster was this little roller coaster when I was six years old and I was actually surprised when I came here this year and it wasn't open,” says Daniel Leon, of Utica.

The sylvan beach amusement park is a staple of this Central New York summer destination.  Usually opening on Memorial Day, this year the grand opening was pushed back to June 28.  Now, it was pushed back even further to July 4.  The owner says it all has to do with profit.

“Even though Memorial Day--if the weather cooperates--can be profitable that weekend there are several weeks or weekends of operations that we operate at a loss.  And so for efficiency sake we decided to bring the property to a profitable state,” says Doug Waterbury, Empire Attractions.

But regardless of when it will open, some are worried that it still isn't open.  They say that this amusement park is a big draw for a lot of people that come here.

“Without this, I think this is completely dead.  Because half of the people come here with families so what are they going to do?  All the kids want rides and so on and so forth,” says Nicholas Zegarelli, of Utica.

The Yesterday's Royal restaurant will also delay opening.  And for some who have to Sylvan Beach for years, they say they're hoping the delay won't hurt too much.

“It may be hurting the economy of the town a little bit.  But I notice people come here and enjoy the beach,” says Norm Knapp, of Utica.

The historic carousel and arcade is open for the season.  And for now it will have to be the main attraction.

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