Flooding Fears in Whitesboro

By Ana Rivera | arivera@wutr.tv

Published 06/25 2014 10:32PM

Updated 06/25 2014 10:37PM

A flood watch is currently in effect for most of the viewing area.

This comes on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the devastating Central New York flooding. And fear is running high among those who were ravaged by the flood last summer. 

In Whitesboro, the flood watch and heavy rains on Wednesday bringing back some bad memories and with good reason.

When it started raining on Wednesday, What was your first reaction?

Nerves, just nerves.  You start getting all riled up inside and the stress comes up.  But I’ve become actually a connoisseur of rain now so I kind of can say how long it's going to rain and how fast it's going to rain to see how fast the creek is going to come up.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  From what we had last year to this year, we watch the levels of the water that's coming up.  The runoff is what scares everybody.  Water can come in and it can rain like crazy but it's the runoff afterwards that builds up quickly.  When I first moved here I could stand here on this ledge and literally the water would only be 10 feet away from me.  I mean right now we're up because we're getting a run off but when that's down where it's supposed to be it's almost 17 feet away from me.  So that's how much they dug out to clean the creek out.  And what they did is they made the creek straight. See there were a lot of angles and bends and that's where you get the debris that stops the water up now they've made the whole thing straight.  I'll tell you I’m proud of them.  They did a great job.  You know it still scares people.  When it starts raining people come down here and try to check it out.  I wish I had an alarm system so I could just tell them stay home until they hear the alarm but we’re safe today.  We're safe.  It's not enough rain.

Sanfilippo did have the radar up and the hourly forecasts.  He says Wednesday night could be a late night depending on how long it continues to rain.

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