First Hand Experience with Unmanned Aerial Systems

60 area high school students got hands on experience today learning about Unmanned Aerial Systems with local experts in aviation. Eyewitness News Reporter Nicole Todd was at the demo today and has the story.

High school students with a passion for technology tried their hands on assembling and programing drones.

"They are learning some of the applications for UAV's they are doing programing, how new UAV's can be implemented to the real world you know, they are not just a hobby, but how they can be used for."

Students learned safety while using these crafts. They were split into teams to program and route their drones.

"We're supposed to leave with a better understanding and appreciation of how these systems operate and how to operate them and program them and get experience with that in general and a little practical that we can apply."

This technology can be used in the growing market of science, technology, engineering and math.

"And I’ve started my own pilot training, however just some medical things, I’m colorblind.  It'd be very difficult for me fly commercial of military route so UAV's give me a way to be involved in aviation and have a way in that."

Students gained knowledge on drone technology. Guest speakers were from NUAIR, SUNY Poly, The Air Force Research Lab and many more teaching student skills in unmanned aircrafts.

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