Financial Aid Violation Leads to Probation for UC Pioneers

Published 08/29 2013 06:27PM

Updated 08/29 2013 06:49PM

"The institution wanted to attract more students to Utica College" says Utica College Athletic Director David Fontaine.
It goes without saying, utica is a diverse community and utica college was hoping to attract a similar community to their campus. So in 2009 uc implemented a canadian international student award program. The idea was to offer financial aid to attract candian students.
"As a result we found that we were found that we were disproportionately aiding student athletes, canadian student athletes versus regular students. What we did immediately is discontinued that particular aid package."
NCAA reports indicate that during the 2010 and 2011 season 5 students were awarded this aid and all were men's ice hockey players. The following season 11 students were awarded the aid. 6 were men's ice hockey players, one was a women's ice hockey player and one baseball player. Athletic Director David Fontaine says they review financial aid every year and they discovered the problem and reported it to the NCAA.
"Utica College and the NCAA, we both agree that this was not something that was done intentially, it was unintentional. Nonetheless, we still have to take responsibility for that."
And the pioneers have, since the 2011 academic year they have discontinued the CISA program, Fontaine says the pioneers are not trying to hide anything. As a result of these violations the Pioneers brought in new people to help with financial aid.
"One of their responsibilities will be to obviously be monitoring our financial aid packages. We have nearly 600 student athletes are Utica College so that's a big undertaking. But that's our obligation to do that and we will do that."

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