Emergency Response to Meth Labs

With the discovery of a mobile meth lab in the Village of Yorkville, Monday night our emergency crews spent most of their evening securing a scene show us what it takes when first responders find themselves in this situation. 

The Yorkville police, state police, and the New York Mills Fire Department had all hands on deck last night. 

"At that time we started setting up to protect the scene because we were dispatched for a safety standby there," said Richard Ulinski, NY Mills Fire Chief.

While Yorkville police were tied up in the investigation today, Chief Pat Collea said a Boonville man was pulled over during a traffic stop. At that time, a backpack full of meth-making materials was found inside of his vehicle and he was later arrested. Meanwhile, the NY Mills Fire Dept. was prepping for an emergency response situation. 

"We stood by with a hose line, charged hose line--all of our people are in protective gear with self-contained breathing apparatus," Ulinski said. 

Ulinski said the drug making process produces a highly flammable chemical reaction. But that wasn't the only reason firefighters were on watch.

"Emergency medical service in case somebody did get injured or spill, something spilled on their clothing or their skin," Ulinski said. 

Over the last few years, state police say there has been an increase in the use and production of methamphetamine in Central New York. In New York Mills, emergency personnel have responded to similar situations before, but last night's lab had a twist.

"It was the first time it occurred inside of a vehicle.the ones that I recall recently involved a house," Ulinski said. 

And although it was their first time, the firefighters here at NY Mills have been prepping for this scenario.

"We go to the annual training offered by the state police. i constantly monitor the federal agencies that give us information about drug related activity," Ulinski said. 

While practicing for drug related incidents have been a focus, it's not the only area of importance. 

"The number of fire incidences are down but now we handle everything well beyond fire incidence. emergency medical incidence, hazmat, safety stand bys for the state police," Ulinski said. 

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