Economics of American Legion Tournament

Published 07/31 2013 06:39PM

Updated 08/05 2013 01:31PM

"I love baseball," says Utica native Frank kelly watched his two sons grow up playing baseball right here at murnane field in the american legion tournament. They've both long since left the sport of baseball, but frank comes back every year to watch top notch high school baseball.
Frank says, "It shows the best in new york state in baseball. It gives a chance for young kids to be looked at possibly for the next level and the experience, the experience of just being here."
And hundreds of people will occupy this stadium over the next four days spending money in the area. The tournament even had an economic impact study done by Syracuse University last year. They found this tournament brings over a quarter of million dollars to Central New York in just 4 days. But tournament director Mike Macchione says it not just parents and players spending money.
Mike says "The money goes the other way as well, you know. This tournament is not cheap, the total tournament costs about $60,000, the money is going to go back into the community."
It may not be the largest sporting event in the Mohawk Valley, but mike says the goal is to have an economic and social impact on the community.
Macchione, "We have great events. There's absolutely denying the impact that the boilermaker has and we would like to think boy one day we could match the boilermaker. And the other part of it is for the community to be able to find an affordable piece of entertainment for their kids."

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