Economic Impact of Boilermaker 2014

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/14 2014 06:13PM

Updated 07/18 2014 03:27PM

The boilermaker is something that people in Utica look forward to all year; whether it’s running, or cheering on the sidelines.


Local businesses are no different.  The Boilermaker means big business.


“The whole week was spectacular it always is.  People come to town.  It’s like family reunions for everybody," said the general manager of Carmella’s Dino Labarbera.


The Boilermaker gives businesses the opportunity to win customers.


"We get a lot of new people that come into town, we get a lot of repeat customers that come in, so it’s nice to see them that once a year that they do stop in Utica, cause you kind of create a rapport with them, almost like they look forward coming back to see you the following year," said Heather Delia of Utica Roasting Company.


“We get folks from all over Canada and they book this week for next year also, so they can get in here, so it’s amazing," said Labarbera.


For Carmella’s, one their biggest hits in this boilermaker season is their boilermaker burger.


“We sold a hundred and thirty five this week alone, so we're up to pretty close to five hundred for the season," said Labarbera.


According to Tim Reed of the Boilermaker both the hotel Utica and the Radisson sold out this weekend, which business owners said speaks to how big the weekend is.


“One of the biggest weekends, besides the holiday weekends, I would say yes, this probably one of the biggest," said Delia.


“It’s a lot different than other holidays and other events people are so much appreciative, so happy and it gives us a great feeling," said Labarbera.


The Boilermaker hasn’t released official numbers of how many people from outside of Utica for the race.  What we do know is that many people came from around the country and the world.

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