East German Street a 'Ticking Time-Bomb'

By Ana Rivera | arivera@wutr.tv

Published 06/20 2014 06:21PM

Updated 06/20 2014 06:29PM

The Mohawk Valley still dealing with extensive damage following the severe storms earlier this week.  But for one neighborhood - the extreme weather has made a bad situation even worse.  And some homes have been evacuated because of it.

The West Canada Creek in Herkimer threatening to collapse a road - that neighbors say was already unsafe.  One homeowner there is worried about what further damage the next storm could bring.

“We just kind of hold our breath each time,” Kathy Penree says.

And that's exactly what Penree was doing.

On Tuesday night the Mohawk Valley was hit with strong storms.  But for this Herkimer homeowner this has been a longstanding problem.

“This started back in June of 2012...we noticed some deterioration in the road and cracking in the roadway and we said, 'hey you might want to come take a look at this,' Penree says.

But this isn’t the first time that road has seen damage.  The homeowners the say that during the Herkimer floods the water level was almost to the top of that bridge...and they say that constant deterioration has led to its demise.

“And it's kind of eroding away at it and it's been ongoing.  Every storm gets a little worse.  And you watch the shoulder of the storm separating away from the road,” she says.

After this week’s storm, the town ordered the Penrees to evacuate...but they chose to stay.  They say they hope their presence is a constant reminder that they want the project finished.

"If we're here...things are going to continue to progress.  If we leave it's going to be an indefinite period of time and we're not ready to make that move at this time," Penree says.

Because the homeowners don't have access to their driveway, they park at one end of the street and have to walk all the way down to the other end of the street to get to their house.  They said for now that's fine because the weather is beautiful but come winter, they hope it's all complete.

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