Dome Back-Up Plan

Published 06/18 2014 11:09PM

Updated 06/18 2014 11:12PM

The Carrier Dome is the only place hosting Syracuse University's biggest sports programs.  That means, if the unique building were to fair - SU would have nowhere to go.  That's why, there's been an increasing effort to create a back-up plan.

There has been much discussion the past few months about the future of the carrier dome and possibility of a new stadium to replace it.....but as it stands the dome is the only place hosting SU’s biggest sports programs.  Knowing that new Chancellor Kent Syverud commissioned this workgroup to develop a comprehensive backup plan should the dome become unusable due to a roof failure.  The group spent three months examining the economic impact but more pressing logistical concerns.

“You don't think about the fact that you've got 24-thousand season ticket holders and that's a really large basketball crowd and there's very few places you can go anywhere in the united states to play an indoor basketball game and have that kind of crowd," says Rick Burton, chair.

Burton says it’s not much easier for football to find a suitable stadium that's available and meets a list of criteria.

“What if you have an ACC contract that requires that you have to be able to make the game televisable, so you have variables that come in to play very quickly," he says.

Ponder all you want about what this report does and doesn't mean for the future of the Carrier Dome and any possible replacement stadium, burton says the simple fact is this was a fact finding report to tell the chancellor if the roof were to fail and the building became unavailable.

“The chancellor didn't ask us to wander off.  The chancellor said, ‘tell me these facts so that's what we did,’" Burton says.

Burton says while some backup plans within the university likely exist this report pulls it all together in one place, in black and white. 

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