Danfoss Announces New Hires

MARCY,NY (WUTR)--- Danfoss Silicon Power announced that 11 new employees will be working at the Quad-C building on SUNY Polytechnic's campus.

"We have now the first members going to Germany for training next week," Kim Fausing of Danfoss said. "So we are not wasting any time. They actually joined last week."

Many of the new hires are local.

"Some of them are from Global Foundaries, others are from some other local companies here" stated Michael Hennessey, the site manager for Danfoss. "There is also a young man who is a recent SUNY graduate. So I think that's really incredible."

Danfoss has started to bring in manufacturing equiptment to fill the vacant space within the building. The company re-assured area residents that it is in it for the long haul.

"Please bear with us.It may look as if it goes slow at times, but don't worry. We are in it and we will grow," Danfoss' Claus Petersen said.

When asked if Danfoss will further expand locally, Hennessey said the company is already looking ahead.

"There are plans that could be used to expan the building and expand capacity. So the short answer is yes. We need to fill this building first and get it running efficently and optimaly."

Manufacturing is expected to begin next year.


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