Dancers Take the Stage at The Stanley

By Kody Fisher

Published 05/09 2014 11:37PM

Updated 05/09 2014 11:38PM

Friday night is the solo performances of the competition, but the weekend will feature team performances as well.

The dancers say that adds a whole new element to the competition.

"It’s definitely harder with all the different age ranges, but our little girls they're pretty good, so it’s kinda of easy, because they're really flexible and they catch on easily," said dancer Jade Collier.

"It’s really nice, cause you get to have a bunch of people around you and your friends are always with you," said dancer Robert DiCaprio.

"I really like being a part of a team, because you've got other people to rely on and they rely on you, so you create a family outside of your own," said dancer Abigail Pickett.

The stage at the Stanley is used for other types of performance.

Normally it has plays and musicals, but not dance competitions.

"This is something new for us. Last weekend and this weekend and already we're booking for next season for more competitions," said Jerry Kraus.

The dancers that are performing on the stage don’t just use the stage to perform. Over the last five years a trend has started to appear in dance competitions, the use of props just like this tub.

"It makes the stage much smaller to you, it feels much smaller, but then again it makes you feel confident, cause you have something else on the stage with you," said Caitlyn Kwiatkowski.

Not all of the dancers feel the same way about the use of props.

“It’s pretty hard, but after you do it a lot it gets easier cause you know what you have to do, so you just do that," said DiCaprio.

"It’s hard because you have to put all your focus on it and you have to remember where it is and keep track of it," said Pickett.

Just like last weekend the competition will be free to the public all weekend.

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