Cyberbullying Event Helps Students

By Ana Rivera |

Published 03/27 2014 10:12PM

Updated 03/27 2014 10:24PM

70 percent of students deal with it.  And in the digital world that number is on the rise.  We're talking about cyberbullying.
The Clinton Middle School hosted a cyberbullying event to explain to parents and students the impact of cyberbullying.  It focused on teens that are bullied online as well as how to look for warning signs.  Some students that attended the forum said that the presentation was important and informative.

"I understood the whole concept of bullying but I never fully understood all the laws and technicalities of it.  So I think I understood that a lot more after it," says Tess Maxam, student.
Others said it was an eye opening experience.

"I think people need to realize the seriousness of it and how to deal with it and what to do if it’s happening to them or how to support their friends if it's happening to them,” says Caroline Martin, student.

According to the Teen Assessment Program (TAP), 40 percent of teens in Oneida County and 45 percent in Herkimer County have engaged in some type of sexting which are both staggering numbers. 

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