Countdown: Cooperstown Pt. 4

By Ana Rivera |

Published 07/24 2014 07:19PM

Updated 07/24 2014 07:22PM

It's less than 24 hours before day one of the Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend.  As more and more people start to arrive in Cooperstown...village officials are beefing up security and preparing for numbers in the tens-of-thousands.

If you're one of the 50,000 people that plan to head to the home of baseball this weekend officials say it's time to start preparing.

“Be prepared to walk.  Have sneakers, good shoes.  Be prepared for the weather if it changes.  Watch the weather,” says Mike Covert, police chief.

This year's Hall of Fame induction weekend is expected to be the biggest since 2007.  Fifty thousand people and 56 Hall of Famers means security will be high.  All of Cooperstown police officers will be working plus help from outside forces including state police. 

“We plan on seeing how many people are coming.  We do it for safety.  This year we're closing Main Street.  It's going to be just for pedestrian traffic this weekend,” Covert says.

With Main Street closed that limits parking significantly.  No cars will be allowed to park on the street.  All parking will be limited to trolley lots that will drop people off on Main Street.  But if you'd rather walk the city is allowing homeowners to pay people to park in their yards.

“As you drive into the village if you see a sign on someone's lawn for parking they are going to charge you but you know where it will be, you know it will be safe,” says Mayor Jeff Katz.

Even though the numbers this weekend are supposed to be record breaking the village says they feel like after decades of preparations they feel like they're ready.

"Regardless of who's been mayor, who's been on the board, who's on the street department whoever has run the hall of fame, these things do have a system in place to kind of make it work," says Katz.

As days get closer and closer to the event there are more tents going up and of course security is tighter and tighter.  They're going to be out here 24 hours a day now. 

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