Clinton Gets Help From FEMA

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/29 2014 06:20PM

Updated 07/29 2014 06:20PM

The Clinton Central School district is receiving 1.7 million dollars in FEMA funding to help pay for flooding damage and to prevent flooding damage.  The school and people around the school said they're thankful for the help.


A year ago the Clinton high school gym was filled with water.


“It was deflating to be walking through five, six inches of water in the hall ways. Rain pouring down, no end in sight," said former Clinton Central School District Superintendent Matt Reilly.


Now, FEMA funding is on the way to help cover the bill for the damage.


“It’s been a great help to the school as a citizen of the community I think this is a great way of keeping our school district in good condition," said Clinton resident Reed Tinkler.


The money is also going to help pay for flood prevention.


"We’ve had two floods in three years, so we really want to get, you know, try to get mitigation measures in there, so we can really not have that anymore," said interim Clinton Central School District Superintendent Joseph Barretta.


For neighbors of the school it’s a double edged sword.


“I’m happy for the school getting FEMA funds and I’m disappointed that the neighbors didn’t get funds to help them with their flooded basements," said Clinton resident Randy Degennaro.


Those people won’t receive FEMA funds because the damage doesn’t meet the minimum requirement for total cost.


“As devastating as this storm was, that amount of money through our area, that threshold wasn’t reached, but for Clinton and for municipalities it’s just simply a lower number required of damages," said Rep. Richard Hanna of NY 22nd district.


Some said it’s better to receive some help than no help.


“Very important to the community to have this kind of assistance, definitely," said Tinkler.


At the school the plan is to change the landscape so that flood waters are moved away from the school onto the open fields that are on school grounds.  The completion of the construction should be done before the start of school.


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