Cleaning Up the Toxins

By Ana Rivera |

Published 07/07 2014 06:28PM

Updated 07/07 2014 06:31PM

In the summertime farmer's markets provide an alternative to the grocery store, in many cases allowing people to buy local and go green.  But one vendor at a local farmer's market isn't selling produce--but soap.  And she's urging everyone to give more thought to what you're using on your body.

It's something we all use every day without even thinking's soap.  Every day, the average woman exposes herself to 515 chemicals during her daily grooming routine.  And one local woman is trying  to change that.

“We started buying natural soaps and the variety was getting a little boring and i wanted control over the ingredients that were going into it so I just started cooking,” says Joanne Fanelli, Christian’s Naturally Good Body Products.

Named after her son Christian, Fanelli has spent a year focusing on ridding her home of products that could be harmful.

"By the time you soap up in the shower, you put your lotion on, you put your perfume on you have a heavy load of toxicity in your body," she says.

And for her customers, it's quite appealing to look at a label and be able to understand all of the words displayed.

“So many times we buy soaps and shampoos and we don't really know what's in them and I’m a nurse and i’s into the whole thing about chemical pollutants and all that so I try to go natural as much as I can,” says Terry Carden, of Stittville.

But Fanelli doesn't stop at humans...she has a special ingredient for man's best friend too.

"I have three furry friends at home and I use it on them and it's working out well,” Fanelli says.

But Fanelli isn't just stopping with a pet bar, next she's hoping to move on to shampoos, of course, after she perfects her soap.

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