Changing a Community One Mural at a Time

By Kody Fisher

Published 08/25 2014 06:34PM

Updated 08/25 2014 06:35PM

The mural is being painted on a wall that is usually filled with graffiti on Davis pl. across from Kemble Park and so far, the work on the wall is getting great reviews.


“It makes a big difference, cause its better than havin all the other type of graffiti with the gang signs and the stuff on it, so just ridin by and just lookin at that, its somethin different," said Jarvis Washington of Cornhill.


The mural is being spearheaded by the Cornhill Neighborhood Association who talked to people in Cornhill about projects like this and the people picked this wall.

“Because it had been hit up by graffiti so many times, we kept painting it over and I said, a good strategy to stop that is to paint the mural there, especially with community help," said Gene Allen of the Cornhill Neighborhood Association.


One of the unique things about the mural is that the faces of the people playing are actually pictures of people who live in the Cornhill area.  The association said they hope that will add to the community feel of the mural.

“There’s been parks in this area that were frequented through the years and I think that would be an image of that also and the basketball and slides and playgrounds,” said volunteer painter Connie Watkins,” I think this is a great tribute to this area.  We need this. "


People in Cornhill said time will tell if the mural will bring people together in the neighborhood.


“We really need it, like, it’s been a long time since everybody came together and do certain events like this, so hopefully it will bring everybody at least everybody closer together than what it is before," said Washington.


The mural is being painted by volunteers and will continue to be painted this week with the hope of it being completed by Wednesday.

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