Boilermaker Youth Olympics

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/10 2014 06:14PM

Updated 07/10 2014 06:18PM

The kids at Proctor Park are from all across Utica and they played in the youth Olympics.


It’s a fun filled day that introduces the kids to the Boilermaker madness.


Basketball, jump rope, and Zumba are just a few things kids get to do during the youth Olympics day.


"It’s like a great thing to come and you can do a whole bunch of different varieties of fun games and stuff," said middle school student Isabella Scholl.


Boilermaker volunteers said it’s a learning day for the kids.


"We teach a lot of teamwork and teach the kids how to get along and work together," said Boilermaker volunteer Gianna Dellerba.


"I like it because we get to have fun and be competitive with each other,” said middle school student Sadie Phillips,” but still be two different things "


The kids get to do a lot of fun things today, including go through a bouncy house, but Tim Reed of the Boilermaker said that it’s also an opportunity to get the kids interested in the boilermaker.


"If you think about it these are going to be our boilermaker athletes coming up, as far as the next generations concerned,” said Boilermaker President Tim Reed,” we're always concerned about the health of our community, so what better thing to have than to be able to support this."


The kids said they like how the youth Olympics make them feel. 


"I just feel good and I feel like I can do anything,” said Kaya Lutz,” it’s just like there’s so many people here having fun, just doing everything together, it’s really cool."


The four hundred kids competed for medals in each of the events and many of them say they want to run in the boilermaker when they get older.

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