Boilermaker 2014 Volunteers of the Year

By Ana Rivera |

Published 06/26 2014 10:39PM

Updated 06/26 2014 10:41PM

Sixteen days stand between now and Boilermaker 2014.  Out of the 50,000 people involved in the road race, 6,500 of them are volunteers.  And this year...two of them are being recognized as the volunteers of the year.

In 16 days the runners will take off from the finish line in Boilermaker 2014. But without 6,500 very special people...the race wouldn't even be possible.  They’re the people that keep you safe and hydrated...they're the volunteers.  And this year, two of them are being recognized.

“Boilermaker experiences go back to 1978,” says Bob Carlson, volunteer of the year.  

Bob Carlson has been involved in the Boilermaker since its inception.  In 1989 he began to volunteer taking care of safety around the course. 

“We don't go down to the finish line anymore because we're the last ones to leave.  So where we're sitting right here at the am vets we put on a party for our people that have been out there for 4 hours,” he says.

But while Carlson is out making sure you're safe on the course, there are going to be some others out along the road handing out water just to make sure that you stay hydrated.

“From the beginning of the race to the end…we're done by like 10:30 in the morning and then we treat ourselves across the street,” says Donna Freitas, volunteer of the year.

Donna Freitas has manned the Faxton St. Luke's Water Station for 27 years.  But despite her years of service she says she couldn't believe she won the award.

“I was floored.  I thought I was bring phone pranked to be honest with you,” she says.

But whether you see them keeping you safe...or you stop for a drink of water.  Carlson and Freitas will be there ready to help in whatever way they can.

And both of the volunteers say that they do this just because of how much fun it is.  Don’t miss any of the fun because Eyewitness News will have special live coverage on the day of the race starting at 7 a.m.

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