Boilermaker 2014: Busy Week for Sneaks

By Julia Rose

Published 07/07 2014 06:16PM

Updated 07/10 2014 11:43AM

Boilermaker week is here and race day is now just six days away. Runners are gearing up for Sunday and for some that means stopping by a local sneaker shop. At The Sneaker Store in New Hartford, employees say they pretty much consider Boilermaker week their holiday season.

"Boilermaker week is so much fun when we're able to help out customers get all sorted out for their last minute preparations,” says Richard Karaz, Owner of The Sneaker Store.

"It’s pretty big, almost like a holiday every year,” says Todd Stevens, Sales Associate at The Sneaker Store.

It’s a holiday that has The Sneaker Store hustling and bustling with runners gearing up for Sunday, like first-time runner Shannon Sullivan.

"I need to get fitted for inserts for my sneakers for the race,” said Sullivan.

Staff say they see people coming in all week for everything from new sneaks to snacks.

"Some people new sneakers just kind of you know, they want to go get them a week ahead so they can break them in a little bit, a lot of nutrition supplies, maybe some water carrying cases, things like that, some socks,” said Stevens.

Like any retail store, a holiday means special items and at The Sneaker Store it's definitely the Boilermaker socks.

"I think they're great, they look fantastic we should all be wearing Boilermaker socks for this great event,” says Denise Cavanaugh who has run the Boilermaker in past years.

"They’re great, yeah, everybody loves them and this year's edition came out super, super nice so yea, they're a favorite,” says Karaz.

Karaz runs the 15k every year. He says June and July are the busiest months for his own sneakers and his store's.

“It's going to be a very busy week, it was a very busy month of June and also first week of July so far, very, very busy and actually after Boilermaker the enthusiasm for the race, it sticks around,” said Karaz.

That enthusiasm makes the Mohawk Valley a true running community.

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