BOCES Students Building Homes: Part 2

By Kody Fisher

Published 03/26 2014 11:26PM

Updated 03/26 2014 11:27PM

Tonight people are learning more about a program that would allow BOCES students to build their house.

So far, they're excited about the idea.

"The workmanship that I've seen getting in to this one is exemplary for someone seventeen, you know, eighteen year old," said perspective buyer Christopher Marvell.

Another perspective buyer says that the teachers keeping close tabs on the students work building the house makes it much more appealing.

"It’s comforting knowing that their accountable for the way they're handling the product and the product that’s coming out. You know, they have to do it right to get good grades. They're happy, everybody's happy," said Debbie Stucky.

The BOCES instructor who teaches the kids says that the prospective home owners shouldn’t be concerned with the quality of the work.  They should instead focus on the positives of having the students build the HOME.

"They save an immense amount of money on labor. They only have to pay for the material and ultimately it’s a great learning experience for the students to come out and have practical lab experience in a real live environment to prepare them for the world of work," said BOCES instructor John Martin.

One perspective buyer says thinking about the kids’ education is a key part of his decision.

"If I can do something that will help other people get a good practical education in some other thing, this is building. This is a very good process at Herkimer,” said Marvell.

Typically the houses cost between sixty and eighty five thousand dollars and not all potential buyers get their home built.

The lottery for which buyer with get their home built is going to be held on April 9th.

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