Blocking Youth Tackle Football

Legislation has been proposed to ban kids under the age of 14 from playing tackle football in an effort to prevent head injuries. Proctor Coach Byron Abraham says he is not in favor of the proposal. 

"I like tackle football, especially the way it's set up now," said Abraham. "I think if it is done right and taught right at the lower level, I think it's safe."

He says with any football game or contact sport, there is always a risk for head injuries. But today, more steps are being put in place to help prevent them from happening. 

"Proper technique and proper tacking is paramount and needs to really be stressed at the younger levels," said Abraham.

Coach Abraham says Proctor School has been training it's football players to block with their shoulders instead of their heads. He also says that while they're in practice, the players rarely tackle each other and use blocking apparatuses instead.

"The officials I think are doing a great job, because they have been trained now to look for helmet to helmet contact and targeting and all those things," Abraham explains. "No football player wants to get thrown out of the game, so they are going to follow the rules. if that means not hitting your head, I think it's getting better and better every year."

He says even if the proposed legislation is put in place, he doesn't think it will stop kids from playing tackle football.

"If they weren't playing football for me, they'd be playing it out in the back yard with their friends," Abraham said. "Those are the things that scare me. They don't have equipment, they are running around tackling each other." 



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