Big Things Brewing: Two Locals to Open First Micro-Brewery in Old Forge

By Julia Rose

Published 08/20 2014 06:42PM

Updated 08/20 2014 10:20PM

The micro-brewing industry has a bright future and two Upstate New Yorkers are capitalizing on the craft brewery boom. The two men behind the Fulton Chain Craft Brewery Company have a vision of bringing a nano-brewery and tasting room to the Old Forge region of the Adirondacks. They are using Kickstarter and say a craft brewery is just what that area needs.

For Justin Staskiewicz, home brewing started as a hobby but it's about to become his livelihood.

"I really did it just because I wanted fresh beer and then as the beer kept turning out better and better, I was like this is something I could do for a living and it was kind of like a pipe dream,” says Staskiewicz.

Staskiewicz pitched his pipe dream to his friend Richard Mathy who hopped right on board.

"He said ‘let's open a brewery’ and I laughed and said ‘ha ha, ok’ and as we went on that hiking trip, the idea came to fruition,” said Mathy.

That camping trip like so many in years past was up in the Adirondacks, a region they say is the perfect spot for a nano-brewery. For starters, Old Forge does not have any micro-breweries. Staskiewicz and Mathy say that void plus the steady flow of tourists is the perfect recipe for success.

"Go to a place like old forge and it's a really kind of a melting pot I guess you could say of tourism, you have people that have really high end camps there, you have people coming through camping, you have snow mobilers, skiers,” says Mathy.

"People, when they go up to the Adirondack region, they like things that are from New York, our beers are going to be very specific to not only the Adirondacks but to New York itself,” said Staskiewicz.

They will use local crops from local farmers to brew the beer. The business partners are also looking to local sponsors for help using Kickstarter. They say they are capitalizing on the craft beer boom while also taking a leap of faith.

"The American dream really isn't dead, if you really want to do something, you really want to work for it, go do it,” said Mathy.

At this point Staskiewicz and Mathy are trying to finalize funding and secure a location in Old Forge. Once that happens they'll begin renovating. The goal is to have a soft opening early next spring and then a grand opening in June 2015.

For more information check out their Kickstarter page:

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