Better Utica Downtown, Group Rallies to Change Utica Downtown Hospital Vision

Last week we sat down with president and CEO of The Mohawk Valley Health System and learned that The Utica Downtown Hospital Project can now steadily move forward but a local company spoke out during a press conference last week and they want to be heard.

"We want to change the direction,want to put a stop to the hospital..."
Vice President of Wilcor International Shawn Corrigan says his family has been in the Utica downtown area for generations.

"We've been committed, you know we've been committed to build Utica."
Centuries later, their goal remains. Since news of the downtown hospital project his efforts have been to redirect the project elsewhere. 

"We're doing this because we see there's going to be a problem once something happens here that takes away from what downtown is all about."

In a press conference held last week Corrigan, who is leader of the group called "Better Utica Downtown" says his vision for the downtown area will encourage tourism with shopping corridors, cafe's, and arts and culture. 

"You know because now we have the Utica Aud, the Irish culture center, the brewery district, the Stanley, we have all these other areas nearby we want to connect that together and that's our goal."

The group also known as "BUD" is filled with high energy individuals who share Corrigan's vision and together have started conversation legal firm, a site planner, a lobbying group in Albany and a development company. 

"Even Utica has an excellent 2012, I believe was the master plan they developed and the principles in that master plan are very very sound and very well proven and they can apply to this Columbia-Lafayette corridor as well," said Senior Landscape Architect Bill Price of Fisher Associates in Rochester.

Price comes into the picture in helping the group develop the residential and commercial retail site as well as pedestrian and bike friendly corridors. 

"We need the opportunity, you know to show our positive face to the community and to
have people in the local government to be behind us."

Corrigan says they'll continue to host meetings at their downtown Wilcor showroom Monday evenings in efforts for other community members to join and to be heard.

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