Batter's Up: Two Teams, One Purpose

By Ana Rivera |

Published 05/01 2014 10:50PM

Updated 05/02 2014 03:24PM

Two teams and two communities.  The Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs and the Utica Brewers seasons are on the horizon and soon locals from all over the Mohawk Valley will be singing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


Soon the days will be longer and the nights will be warmer.  And this time of year there's nothing like a good ball game with the family.  In Little Falls that means heading out to watch the Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs...and you may even see Eyewitness News producer Brett Hall at a game or two.

“I'm from Ilion so Little Falls is not a far commute for me at all and when we go out it's not just a couple hours, we make a day of it.  It's a whole outing.  The Diamond Dawgs are just part of a bigger experience," he says.

College baseball players from all over the country come to Little Falls to play as a Diamond Dawg.  Professional scouts look at the team for possible draft picks.  But for spectators it's a chance to enjoy good baseball at a good price.

"I see every day how families struggle so if we can provide them with a safe environment at a reasonable cost, that's what it's all about," says Travis Heiser, MV Diamond Dawgs, owner.

Just up the road are the Utica Brewers.  And they're providing even more entertainment for the Mohawk Valley.

For the last three years the Utica Brewers have called Murnane Field home.  And even though some of the players come from around the even calls the Mohawk Valley home.

"It's right in my back yard and it's one of the best teams in the area to play for and to be asked to play and to have players drawn in from all over the country is just an honor," says Adam Pexton, Utica Brewers, infielder. 

The Mohawk Valley has a number of little league programs and kids that start from the age of four and work their way up through the ranks.  Watching these teams really gives them something to strive for.

“When I was in little league these guys were like the gods to me.  It was just awesome to see guys who really like playing in the area and people you aspire to be when you get older and hopefully you can play when you get at the same kind of level," says Zach Dooley, Utica Brewers, media relations.

But at the end of the day both of these teams are here in the Mohawk Valley for one reason.

“When you're actually going to a game with your family it takes on a whole different experience.  It's more than watching it.  It's all togetherness and a good time all around," says Hall.

Both the Diamond Dawgs and the Brewers begin their seasons the first week of June.  For ticket information visit Utica Brewers or Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs.

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