Batter's Up: Indoor Infield

By Ana Rivera |

Published 05/01 2014 01:34PM

Updated 05/01 2014 02:17PM

It's time to bring out the bats and balls because it's baseball season. Even though the weather doesn't reflect it in Central New York, spring and summer means teams across the Mohawk Valley are putting on their mits and heading to the outfield.
For years it's been America’s past time. And there's no denying the love Mohawk Valley has for baseball. The epicenter for baseball greatness sits right in Cooperstown and people of all ages dream of one day being enshrined next to the likes of Babe Ruth. It's a sport that brings together all age groups and genders.
“it’s just a fun sport where I can go out and just hit a ball just feel free and run," says Kylie Karpowich, athlete.
But it doesn't matter how much you love baseball because if you live here in Central New York, you never know what the weather might be like. And that means you might have to bring practice inside.
Here in Central New York, we've gotten a little creative. The weather doesn't always warrant a trip to the ball park, so instead we have the Field of Dreams.
"In our area, with our weather around here like this week it's hard to keep your skills tuned up all year so doing this I thought maybe it's going to allow them to stay in touch with their sports they enjoy all year round now instead of a short season outside," says Bob Cook, owner.
Since 2003, athletes have been spending their rainy and snowy days in the indoor complex. Before it was available people from the area say they often had to miss out on games or practices. This means no days off.
"I can remember when I was a kid, when you got rained out you were looking for maybe a parking lot or a pavilion and there really wasn't enough to do anything. Luckily the facilities here there's enough room that you can stretch out the kids can even work on some outfield drills they have the great batting cages they do some individual lessons here for the kids so it's a great facility that we have here," says Michael Pawloski, coach.
But even though it is an asset, some say the confinement really messes up their game.
"When you hit it and it hits the roof and it would get farther that's kind of sad. And then you're like, 'oh, foul ball,'" says Ryan Cook, athlete.
"A lot of our players can hit bombs so that won't work out so good for us inside," says Justin Olivadoti, athlete.
But others say it doesn't matter where they're playing , as long as they have a bat and glove in their hands they're going to be chasing a dream.
"Oh, we're going to get drafted," says Olivadoti.
Field of Dreams will soon be expanding. On June 1, Sports Performance Institute will offer fitness training inside the complex.

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